Weight loss journey: How it all started…

Have you ever felt like there was something that was just not right and you needed to make a change, tomorrow ….but you never know when you’re ready to do it? I know exactly how you feel, and I’m going through it. This is how I started on a new fitness journey and what pushed me to even start.

As you know, everyone is different, so the way that someone gets motivated may be totally unmotivating for the other. But I got my motivation extrinsically, from my family. I had been overweight from a young age. But things just progressively got worse over time and I noticed it, but didn’t do anything about it. So there came a point where my body made it pretty clear that I needed to loose weight, the pressure when you are a teenager to be a slim size is high, and that is when body image becomes a huge deal. Of course I was told by my family “you know, you need to loose weight”. Ummmm, excuuuuuuuse me!!! You don’t say that to a girl, just kidding, but they were right, I did. But as most things go, people say things but don’t do anything about it. So it was just like being taken down and it did not motivate me to do anything.

So, as you may guess by my username, I love to travel, and every  year I travel to Tahiti to see my extended family,  which is always a blast. And I had been going for years. But this year was different, this year my auntie was working on losing weight by fixing her meal plans and working out. So for me it was something new, but it was kind of motivating! So my auntie told me about what she was doing and she invited me to some of her work out classes. Les Mill’s Shabbam, kick boxing… It was great because it was such a positive environment and the classes were lots of fun, but it wasn’t enough to last me for a while.  What I mean by that is that once I got home from Tahiti, there was not as much motivation. My family had gone back to their ways and we were back to eating normal and doing less exercise. Don’t get me wrong I did exercise, I have been on the swim team for four years and swam 3-4 times a week. That is the only reason I am not gaining a ton of weight and keeping my muscle mass. So when I came back, I went through that phase that everybody that wants to lose weight goes through, the fake diet. What do I mean by that? It is that period of time where you were like “let’s eat healthy and workout” and then halfway through the day you are more like “WHERE THE HECK IS THAT BUCKET OF ICE CREAM?!?”. I totally know what you mean, that was me when I came back, I really wanted to lose weight but there was no motivation and it was hard to stick with a good meal plan when there are so many temptations in the fridge to eat! My dad constantly brought delicious food home from all the different destinations he had just traveled to… and it killed my body. Who could resist the pastries from the best New York bakery, or the famous custard tarts from Japan…So the struggle continued for about a year, and I went back to Tahiti.

Now this is when it really starts: my family was finally truly motivating me to try and lose weight, although sometimes it came across as harsh and hard, it had to be that way, otherwise how was I supposed to get that push of motivation? I made a deal with my auntie, that I was going to work really hard and go on a diet on the day of my mom’s birthday which was about a week later, and that I would do it with her. So as you can probably guess, that turned out to be a fake diet, but, we did work to choose the right foods and keep up the exercise. This DIET is actually more of a lifetime change, I had to learn how to replace the junk food with better, healthier ones. I don’t weigh or limit the amount, just change the types of food that I eat. But the true breakthrough moment was when my mom came across a  Facebook post about a six week body fit boot camp. And that is when I told my mom that I was willing to do anything at this point to lose weight that wasn’t insanely crazy. She told me that she knew that it would be difficult, but I told her that if I really want it I’m going to do it, even if it is hard. So, I started it, I was supposed to do with my mom since I am not of age. But my mom couldn’t because of different sore parts of her body, so I agreed to do it myself. I walked into the gym, and this is when I knew that I was finally going to change my ways. And when I walked to the front desk, everyone was super welcoming and they made it seem like I could do it, and when I say do it, I mean be fit and lose weight. I took a practice class, and I loved it! What was good about this Boot Camp was that the classes were extremely rigorous and they were only for 30 minutes, so it was a great workout and a small amount of time and you could go as much as you want! And on Sundays, there are no workouts, so I would just go to the YMCA to exercise so I could get my workout for the day. What was great about working out was that it give me that adrenaline to keep going and lose weight. It was so exciting! I also talked with them and they helped me set up meal plans, the right things to eat and what exactly was good for my body. This Boot Camp has honestly changed me and it has been a great step forward to being fit and losing weight. This boot camp is called Egan’s boot camp and I believe that it is a local company. I was in awe because they had people there to help me and they were super motivating, it made me want to go every single day. So now, I am working on a diet from which I make from the ingredients that I am allowed to eat so that I can stay fit and lose weight. And now I am doing more classes and helping my family lose weight! Goodbye pastries and chips and unhealthy carbs… hello veggies and workouts. My new life has just begun…

I seriously wanted to thank my family for joining me in this journey. My mom, has been supporting me this whole time and has helped guide me and my dad, well, he is trying and my auntie in Tahiti, auntie Dona, she is the one person who really pushed me to work out and lose weight because she was on a journey herself and she told me what I should do. Lastly, I wanted to thank Corrie from Eagan’s Boot Camp because they really took me seriously and they took notes and helped me plan meals, so that I could do weekly check-ins. They also were super nice ans they are all (the whole staff) are extremely helpful. Without them I would probably still be on my fake diet!

Thanks for reading! I really appreciate it, and alooooooooha🌺!

Just a wonderlust teen tying to be fit!

Aloha, my name is Kealani and I am a quirky teenager who loves to travel, swim and workout. For as long as I could remember, I started traveling and have had the incredible opportunity of being able to travel the world! My experiences have been amazing and I would love to share them with you. I love to free write, so I will be writing about my travels and showing you what I do, also, I am currently on a fitness journey, and if you need some motivation to be fit or stay fit, I am right here with you! I will be sharing about how I am getting fit, my struggles and challenges, while still being able to travel as much as possible!

I can’t believe that you read to the end, but I would love to say that I enjoy writing and hope that you enjoy reading them, and I want to spread as much love as possible!